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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Wonder of Winter
8 ways you can connect with nature in winter.

If you're feeling like we are at this time of the year...a little cooped up...then this is the perfect time to head outside and do some exploring. Here are 8 activities you can do to stay connected to nature in the colder months of the year.

Listen to the sounds of winter, and talk about how they are different from those you hear in summer.

Experiment with different food choices at your bird feeders. Try suet and different seeds or mixes. You can also make a bird feeder out of a pine cone stuffed with peanut butter and rolled in seed (switch to vegetable shortening if there are peanut allergies!).

Look at something from far away, and again close-up...maybe a pine tree, for example. Describe it from far away and then come close and look at the bark, the needles, and the cones. Talk about the details you may not have seen if you had only looked at it from afar.



Blow bubbles in winter and watch them freeze!

If you live where there's snow...make an obstacle course in the snow. Build hills, turns and paths in the snow to make a course and have the kids run it relay style. Use sleds to mark the turns or the end point. You can use colored water (a few drops of food coloring in a spray bottle with water) to spray some color onto the snow to mark the starting line, finish and turns.

Make ice cream with snow! Steve Spangler has a recipe you can try.

Examine a snowflake up-close! Chill a piece of black construction paper in your fridge or freezer and take it outside when it's snowing. Use it to catch snowflakes and then to look up-close at the different shapes they have (use a magnifying glass for an even closer look).

Follow animal tracks in the snow...either right in your yard, or head off to a local park or walking path.

I hope you have a great time exploring this winter!

Please first!! All activities are to be done with the guidance of a parent or guardian.

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  1. Great idea! Over from Feet off the Table. Cute idea for a blog!

  2. Just read your blogs. A lot of thought and planning went into them. I'm sure families will enjoy reading about nature and hopefully will help their kids experience so much that nature offers. Am looking forward to reading more. Good job!

  3. We are tapping our Maple Trees in just a few weeks. Wahoo! Since we are planning a local-ish badlands trip, I'm guessing we have a similar geography. If you have any maples, you may want to give it a try. This year will be our first time doing it on our own. I'm so excited/nervous.

    I love your beautiful nature shots. I blogged about nature a lot more in the summer but I'm right with you on the nature love. :)

  4. Unfortunately we don't have any maples. But I should check if my parent do (they have a little bit of woods on their land). I've watched it done quite a few times b/c we go to the Maple Syrup days at our local YMCA camp every year and have the pancake breakfast. I'm sure just spending a few minutes online getting some tips (like the height & angle to use on the spile etc.) will be a good start and then experience will take over from there. Thanks for all your comments and thoughts!!