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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Springtime Scavenger Hunt

Even though it’s only March, and not technically spring, we’ve had a few beautiful days that make me want to dive right into the season. Searching for signs of spring is an easy way to get out to enjoy a sunny day and get connected to nature as she awakens from her winter sleep.

Take a look at the list below and see how many of these you can find in your backyard or neighborhood. It may be a little too early to spot some of these (depending on where you live), but even here in Wisconsin we’ve spotted quite a few.

Things to look for:
  • Nests
  • Buds on trees
  • Bulbs or plants starting to shoot up out of the ground. (Crocuses are early risers, then daffodils and tulips.  My garlic chives are also pushing up in the garden.)
  • Something yellow
  • Flowers beginning to bloom
  • Pine Needles
  • Snow melting and draining into ditches
  • Moss
  • Feathers
  • Rocks with multiple colors
  • Ice melting on lakes, ponds and ditches.
  • Mushrooms on a tree
  • Litter that was hiding in the snow
  • Mud puddles

What critters are doing:
  • Migrating birds returning
  • Robins first appearance
  • Animal tracks in the mud or along a streambed. Try to identify them!
  • Worms coming out of the ground
  • Squirrels eating or searching for food
  • Moths flying
  • Birds looking for food.
  • Bugs under a log

What people are doing:
  • Kids playing outside
  • Someone walking with a stroller
  • Laundry hanging outside

Things to listen for:
  • Birds singing
  • Early arriving frogs (like the Spring Peeper)
  • The first thunderstorm

Remember to be a careful explorer!  Be safe and try not to disturb anything.

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  1. Scavenger hunts are so fun, aren't they? We just enjoyed an end-of-the-season winter scavenger hunt that was a big hit with my two little ones. Can't wait to take another soon!

  2. I'm a huge fan of scavenger hunts-in fact any kind of hunt that involves getting kids outside -having fun with nature.

    Great list!

    Happy hunting girls!

  3. following from mbc, i can tell i am going to love this blog. when our snow finally melts we will be doing some of this. please come by i think you will enjoy my blog as well, we write about how we connect with nature and use it for medicine!

  4. What a delightful blog you have here!

    I am now following you from MBC/FFF. Come on by and follow back if you would like!

  5. You have a great blog. I am following you from MBC(FFF) come by when you get a chance.
    Have a great weekend!